Facial Treatments

¥450 / 30 Mins
Express Facial
For all skin type

Eliminate stress and fatigue with an express facial which includes the cleaning of your skin and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for everything in your day. It’s a great way to squeeze in some ‘you’ time during your day, on your lunch break or in-between meetings!

¥850 / 70 Mins
Skin Hydrating
For dry and Sensitive skin

This facial utilizes steam to deeply cleanse your pores. Rid your skin of impurities and toxins, enjoy a relaxing face massage and finish with a refreshing oil-free gel mask of allantoin, arbutin, and VitB3 critical moisture to dry skin.

¥880 / 80 Mins
Collagen Boosting Cleansing Facial
For oily or acne Prone skin

clearing facial begins with a thorough cleansing and micro-exfoliation, followed by collagen mask and micro-extraction specifically designed to rid your skin of impurities. Sebum clearing clay-based mask is applied to prevent breakouts and help cooling and to balance your skin.

¥900 / 70 Mins
Intensive Moisture Facial
For extremely dry skin

The SOS facial treatment as we like to call it. This treatment is designed for extremely dry or distressed skin with dark circles or baggy eyes. It includes a deep pore cleansing, a relaxing face & neck massage followed by an intensive moisture mask. This facial will leave your skin glowing and feeling exceptionally hydrated & refreshed!

¥880 / 80 Mins
Deep Cleansing Facial
For Oily or Combination Problem skin

Problems area on your skin, then this facial is the one for you.This treatment begins with a thorough cleansing and micro-exfoliation, followed by steaming and micro-extraction. After, a Sebum clearing clay-based mask is applied to prevent breakouts and help cooling and balancing your skin.

¥820 / 60 Mins
Soothing Facial
For sensitive skin

This treatment is designed for very sensitive skin by using soothing emulsion and cell-restore serum, it helps eliminate dead skin cells, encourage the growth of new cells and condition the balance of your skin.

¥780 / 70 Mins
Detox Facial
Under a lot of stress? Having trouble sleeping?

Our detox facial uses jade stones to reduce swollenness around the eye and chin area, minimize dark circles, increase the skin’s firmness, enhance the contours of the face and increase skin’s brightness. The detox facial massage promotes blood circulation smooths bleed your lymph nodes on the face and neck area which effectively firms your skin.

¥1,800 / 90 Mins
Skin Renewing Facial
From glycolic/ magic / salicylic

New technology using an all-natural acid base formula to help renew dead skin cells, restore balance and remove skin discoloration, scaring and sun spots. Leaves your skin feeling renewed, refreshed to have and overall smoother skin tone which leaves your skin more luminous and radiant than ever before.

¥1,500 / 90 Mins
Anti-Aging GATINEAU Paris
Anti-Aging-Natural Botox Facial (Face ,Neck, Eyes)

This treatment is a powerful therapy designed by France Gatineau Group. Combined with our exclusive face massage techniques, this facial will leave your face feeling firm, diminish fine lines, puffy eyes and dark circles. This facial is followed by a 20 minute face wrap to lock in the natural collagen producing elements. The results can be noticed immediately and it’s regenerating effect will be maintained for 3 to 4 weeks. For best results, we recommend the treatment two times every month as your skin cells will be stimulated and will start to regenerate themselves. This is the best treatment before an important meeting, a special event or for when you feel like you need an extra glow.

¥2,500 / 90 Mins
Rejuvenating Ultrasonic Facial
Rejuvenating Ultrasonic Facial

The most versatile treatment for rejuvenation and our best-selling facial. Ultrasonic uses non-invasive sound energy with key products to exfoliate, hydrate, and improve the overall look and feel of the skin. Ultrasonic facials are beneficial for acne management, aging skin concerns, dry skin, dehydration, hyper-pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, rosacea, sensitive skin, and overall healthy skin maintenance. After the first treatment you will see a noticeable difference in the firmness of your skin.

Specialty Add-Ons

¥280 / 80 Mins
Hyaluronic Acid Import
¥460 / 30 Mins
Scar Laser- RepairV
¥350 / 15 Mins
Hydrating Emergency Import
¥580 / 30 Mins
Skin Laser- Color Balance
¥380 / 20 Mins
Soothing Eye Care
¥250 / 20 Mins
Head Detox Massage
¥250 / 15 Mins
Neck Care and Mask
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